Nintendo Clarifies: Switch Lite Will Not Mark the End of 3ds Support

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After several months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo has finally removed Switch Lite, the uniquely portable variant of the Kyoto hybrid home platform.

Fans are now making their own evaluations of this new Nintendo hardware proposal, and many seem inclined to consider Switch Mini as a direct successor to 3DS, the console for which new games will not arrive in the future, as confirmed directly by the leaders of the Japanese company.

However, Nintendo has been keen to reiterate that despite the arrival of its new handheld console, it will not stop supporting 3DS : “We will continue to support the 3DS family as long as there is demand,” is what Doug Bowser, president of the North American division of the company, had to declare about it.

It will be interesting, in any case, to see in which direction the great N will head after the conclusion of the life cycle of 3DS, and if therefore it will propose as in the past a portable console extraneous to the home platform (Switch is, first of all, considered a home console), or if instead it will decide to focus on a single software catalog to be distributed within the Switch family of platforms.

Nintendo Switch Lite will be available on the market starting September 20, 2019.