Nintendo Switch Lite: Here Are the Games That Will Not Be Compatible Without Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch Lite

Yesterday, Nintendo has finally formalized the much-rumored Nintendo Switch Lite, a reissue of the hugely popular, more economical and lightweight hybrid console, specially designed for handheld gaming.

Nintendo Switch Lite, in fact, will not support the connection to the docking station, so it will not be possible to connect it to a TV. Moreover, another main difference compared to the model currently on the market is that the Joy-Con do not have the HD Rumble function, and above all, they will be fused inside the body, so it is not possible to remove them.

This means that, while on the one hand video games will all be compatible with the new Nintendo console, which does not replace the classic Switch, but supports it, and therefore it is essentially the same gaming system, to play some titles it will be necessary to buy a set of Joy-Con. Let’s see together which ones.

Super Mario Party

The very popular party game with Mario and his friends is also playable in the so-called table mode, but to enjoy it on the same system, in the company of friends, you’ll need to put your wallet and buy Joy-Cons.


It is one of the launch titles of the console, designed precisely to offer an overview of the potential of Joy-Con, which must be held individually to be able to play. Logical therefore that to use it, you will need a special set.

Just Dance

More or less the same goes for the titles in the Just Dance series. To dance it is necessary to have a Joy-Con in your hand.

Nintendo Labo

The last game on the list is the most obvious. The Nintendo Labo kits must be built around a Joy-Con, so it is not possible to use the game without having a separate set.

In addition, on the game packs and on the official Nintendo site, an indicator has been added that shows how many players support a given videogame in handheld mode, just to meet Nintendo Switch Lite owners.