Nintendo Switch Lite Raises Nintendo Stock


Gamestop is enthusiastic about Nintendo Switch Lite, but it is not the only one to have welcomed the new version of the Grande N hybrid console, which is also flying in the stock market. The shares of the Japanese giant are in fact up about 4.5%, the best result of the last nine months.

In short, investors seem to be quite happy with Nintendo ‘s new product, which costs about a hundred dollars less than the original model and is seen as a good way to attract younger people and families who instead saw the cost of the original Switch outside of his own reach.

In short, Nintendo Switch Lite is already establishing itself as a big hit, and as a way for the Kyoto company to increase its installed base and the life cycle of the console, which could, therefore, be extended even a few years.

Michael Pachter, one of the most famous analysts in the world, expects the console to sell 8.5 million units in the fiscal year and 11.5 million the following year, and described Switch Lite as “The right product at the right time”. Do you agree with him?

What do you think of Nintendo Switch Lite? Do you think it will prove to be a great commercial success for the Grande N?