Nintendo Switch Lite Will Not Change the Development on Switch “Base”, Explains Doug Bowser

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Speaking on the TIME columns to comment on the announcement of Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo of America’s president, who replaced Reggie Fils-Aime , Doug Bowser, explained that Switch’s new “Mini model” will not change the process development of titles on the original console model.

Regarding the doubts nurtured by those who, rightly or not, believe that the differences between Lite and the Switch base can lead many developers to limit support to features such as the Rumble HD or, even worse, the Docked mode , Bowser explains that “i “Our developers will continue to focus on Nintendo Switch’s flagship model and making video games that take advantage of that console’s capabilities. Considering that most games on the market are already perfectly compatible with both devices, this shouldn’t be a problem.” but we really want developers to focus on making sure we offer a fantastic gaming experience on both platforms . 

Having said that, the boss of Nintendo of America admits however that “a lot will be based on the type of video game that the developers will want to realize. If they want to propose a game that intensively uses the movement sensors, for example, the flagship version of Nintendo Switch will be their flagship, while if they want to focus everything on Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Lite will suffice . 

Regardless of Bowser’s reassurance, therefore, much will depend on the commercial success of Switch Lite and on the sales it will be able to generate in the medium-long term, perhaps eroding the market share of Nintendo 3DS to carve out a space all its own in the panorama of portable consoles.\