Supermassive: Until Dawn 2 Is Not in Our Plans, but We May Change Our Minds in the Future


Meanwhile we deepened our knowledge with the frightening Man of Medan , the first episode of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive Games has returned to discuss in a new interview with Until Dawn, the horror game published on PlayStation 4 in August 2015 .

Speaking to Game, company CEO Pete Samuels and Bandai Namco Entertainment producer Gareth Betts confirmed that Supermassive currently has no plan for a second chapter set in the dark universe of Until Dawn . However, the most hopeful fans should not despair since, as emphasized by Samuels himself, the cards on the table and the creative needs of the studio could change over the years :

“Right now I can’t imagine a future in which we will play more games set in the Until Dawn universe, but things sometimes change, you know. I don’t know if we’ll feel like that in a year, two years, but at the moment we don’t they are plans” . 

In addition to the main chapter for PlayStation 4, the horror franchise was later enriched in 2016 with the arrival of Until Dawn Rush of Blood , designed to be fully enjoyed via PlayStation VR. The series, therefore, would seem to be at the moment stopped at these two titles, but we’ll see if Supermassive will decide sooner or later to go back to work.