The New Trailer for Monster Hunter World Iceborne Reveals the Subspecies of the Monsters

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Two More New Weapons Unveiled by Capcom

Capcom has released a new trailer and a developer update video full of details on Iceborne, the highly anticipated expansion of Monster Hunter World coming up in September on all platforms.

The last video offers an overview of the monsters subspecies, a look at the new collection hub in the Seliana site as well as other improvements and additions to the gameplay.

The monster subspecies are added to the Monster Hunter World Iceborne roster, offering variations that amplify the difficulty and require master hunting skills. The latest trailer shows only two of the ferocious variants awaiting us: the impressive and brutal Fulgur Anjanath spitting lightning instead of fire and the viverna with the Ebony Odogaron tusks, more ferocious than ever thanks to a wider range of attacks and to the draconic nature.

In addition to these appalling subspecies, the fiery Glavenus, whose recognizable roar was anticipated in the previous trailer, twirls his sword-shaped tail to wipe out hunters with his typical sweep attack.