The US ARMY Opens the Selection for the Gears 5 Team


Some time ago we told you about the willingness of Microsoft and the publishers to invest in eSport, as a communication strategy for their top titles and, above all, the upcoming Gears of War 5.

Turner and ELEAGUE have in fact concluded a partnership with The Coalition to promote the release of Gears of War 5 through a documentary and a dedicated eSport event. The ELEAGUE has produced six episodes of a documentary series entitled “E LEAGUE Gears Summer Series: The Bonds and Traditions of Brotherhood ” (here the fourth episode on Twitch) that followed several professional Gears of War players, showing their methods training and following them during tournaments. ” Bonds and Betrayals of Brotherhood ” will also be at the ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series the day after tomorrow, from 13 to 14 July, where eight teams (including the players participating in the project) will compete in the first official tournament of Gears of War 5.

Now the US army also wants to enter Gears 5’s eSport leg by assembling its own team, reserved for the military (in service and reservists).

The team, as stated, will be stationed at Fort Knox and will compete in local, regional and national events. The selections are already open and those who succeed in joining the team will have different benefits: such as the assignment to Fort Knox, the maintenance of their salary and military training, attendance at graduate schools and representing the US Army in eSport, in addition to enjoying a structure currently under construction right inside Fort Knox.

In short, the US military, along with other armed forces, understood the importance of competitive gaming as a recruitment and marketing tool. GG.