Ubisoft Shows a Glimpse of Camden Town in Watch Dogs Legion

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As you know, Ubisoft has chosen London for the setting of Watch Dogs Legion, the third chapter of the saga that generated some curiosity after the presentation at E3 2019. After two episodes all in all without infamy and without praise, the attempt of the software house to raise the bar is obvious.

The feature that most impressed both fans and critics is the possibility of being able to impersonate any London resident and therefore be able to use an incredible number of characters, so much so that Ubisoft speaks of a quantity between the thousands and millions of playable NPCs in Watch Dogs Legion.

But the efforts made by the software house can also be seen from the care with which the developers are trying to recreate the capital of the United Kingdom , which in the dystopic world in which the game is set has left the European Union and is now controlled by a tyrannical organization that monitors virtually every corner of the metropolis with drones and cameras.

Watch Dogs Legion will include eight London neighborhoods, and the area shown with a short video released in the past few hours on Twitter is that of Camden Town , traditionally one of the most alternative in London, with its markets and shops selling all sorts of objects, and the typically punk environment that one breathes inside.