An Old Hidden Feature of PS4 Is Back in Vogue After More Than Three Years


The PlayStation 4 4.0 update released in 2016 allowed to display the description of the hidden trophies. An option that has never been particularly successful but that at this time seems to be back in vogue among the players.

On Reddit, a topic has been opened in this regard that has been very successful, so much so that it is also mentioned in a PlayStation UK Tweet: to view the description, select the trophy of your interest with the X button and then press the Square button.

Nothing too elaborate in short, but apparently many people were not aware of this feature of the PS4 operating system, introduced with firmware 4.0 and passed rather unnoticed until today. Over the years, the OS of the Sony console has been enriched with many features, including folders for ordering games and apps based on specific criteria, in addition to changing nicknames, also expected for many years.