Apex Legends: Discovered the Perfect Place to Place Caustic Traps

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In Apex Legends every hero has unique abilities that distinguish him and, among these, there is the evil scientist Caustic with his very dangerous Nox gas traps, which can be placed in strategic places to make life difficult for opponents.

In the last hours, the perfect position was found in which to place the Caustic traps so that the opponents could not see them in time. In some buildings, it is, in fact, possible to exploit some cracks through which it is possible to launch the traps so that they end up in a safe and well-hidden place. By ending the enemy in gas, our bearded hero will be able to take advantage of it to give him the coup de grace, since one of his passive abilities consists precisely in the possibility of seeing through the toxic cloud emanating from his own traps.

Before leaving you with an image that shows the exact place where more and more users hide their traps, we remind you that Respawn has recently announced the first team to have reached the Apex Predator rank in competitive mode. Did you know that Apex Legends is falling on Twitch?

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