Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Lands on Steam: Bungie Opens the Pre-Orders

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

As announced during the Shadowkeep shown since E3 2019, Bungie developers open the official Steam page of the PC version of Shadows from the Deep, the new Destiny 2 expansion that will start the Year 3 of this iconic sci-fi shooter.

The card accompanying the arrival of Shadowkeep on Steam reminds us that the expansion of Destiny 2 set on the Moon will include the original version of the Bungie FPS blockbuster and the additional contents of Year 1, namely The Curse of Osiris and The Belly Mind. Therefore the DLCs linked to the I Rinnegati expansion and to the relative Annual Pass will not be present.

Inside Shadows from the Deep we will find new missions and businesses, new and secret destinations to explore freely, a high-level raid and a rich array of weapons and equipment items to unlock for your Guardian. There will also be a bizarre gun powered by an alien insect!

The marketing of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep is scheduled for September 17th on both PC (Steam) and PS4 and Xbox One, as well as on Google Stadia for when it will be possible to access the new service in Google streaming game, that is in the month of November. Coinciding with the launch of Shadowkeep should be the launch of Destiny 2 New Light, the free version of Bungie shooter, and the publication of the update that will allow users to use the Cross-Save feature.