Dr. Mario World Exceeds Harry Potter in the USA but the Game of Bts Beats Everyone

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World has enjoyed considerable success in North America, making its debut at the top of the free games ranking on iOS eleven hours after launch, thus surpassing Harry Potter Wizards Unite, which had reached the same position after twelve hours.

However, both summer mobile blockbusters are overtaken by the Korean pop group’s game BTS: BTS World reached the top of the App Store rankings in the United States four hours before Dr. Mario. In the United Kingdom, the Nintendo game has reached the number nine position of the Top 100, making its debut in first place in the Puzzle category.

Dr. Mario World was launched on the App Store and Google Play a day earlier than expected, but the reception received was initially lukewarm due to the micro-transactions considered slightly invasive by a part of the community.