Dragon Quest IX: The Arrival of a Remake on Switch Is Possible

Dragon Quest IX

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Dragon Quest IX, the development team held live streaming in which several topics were discussed and, among these, also the hypothetical arrival of a remake of the game.

Apparently, the developers of Level-5 seem to be very interested in making a remake of Dragon Quest IX, although the reference platforms are still to be decided. In addition to the possible arrival on Switch, which could make use of the wi-fi for the social features of the game that recall those of the 3DS Street Pass, there was also talk of the possible arrival of the game on smartphones, a very interesting platform according to CEO Akihiro Hino. In the event that you decide to start the development of the remake, it would take about a year to get the game back on for a console like Nintendo Switch, a period that does not include the one required for the development of possible additional content.

So it seems there is still some indecision concerning this remake and the developers themselves would like to receive feedback from fans to understand what they would like. It is also possible to exclude the possible arrival of a mobile title in the style of Pokémon GO, much appreciated by Level-5, and a spin-off of Dragon Quest IX, perhaps made in the event that the remake should be more than good on the market. The only certainty that emerged from the direct intervention of the various developers is that at the moment there is nothing concrete.

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