Fortnite Mobile, Stability Issues with Ios 13 Beta for Iphone and Ipad

Fortnite Mobile: Bug Fixes and Technical Problems With the Patch 9.10

In recent days, Apple has released the second public beta of iOS 13 for iPhone and iPad, a new version of the operating system that introduced dark mode and new options for privacy and photos. Unfortunately, as always happens for software in the testing phase, not everything is going the right way.

Judging by the reports available on the net, the iOS 13 Beta is causing several Fortnite Mobile stability problems. The application of the game closes without warning, making the experience quite frustrating. At the moment there seems to be no solution to the problem, therefore, while working on a solution, Epic Games is inviting all the players who intend to have fun with Fortnite Mobile not to use the Beta of iOS 13. The company will take care to keep us updated on the evolution of the situation.

We take this opportunity to remind you that today, on the Fortnite Battaglia Reale game island, Fortbyte 23 has appeared, located between a van parking lot, a petrol station and a footprint. Meanwhile, a boy is playing for 10 hours a day at Fortnite in an attempt to raise the money needed for his father’s cancer.