Fortnite Xbox Cup: The Xbox One Tournament with a Million Dollar Prize Pool Unveiled!

Fortnite Xbox Cup:

As reported on Reddit by the Fortnite Battaglia Reale community of enthusiasts, on the dashboard of several Xbox One users residing in the USA a banner appeared unexpectedly announcing the arrival of an exclusive Fortnite tournament for the Microsoft console.

To feed the interest and the curiosity for this competition that, if it turns out to be true, should take place soon and be destined only to the users of Xbox One, is not, precisely, its exclusivity for the system of the house of Redmond, as rather the large sum of money destined to those who will be able to reach the highest positions.

Based on the information contained in the promotional image leaked on social media after being shared on the Xbox One dashboard together with the advertising of the Fortnite Vertex bundle , the Fortnite Xbox Cup tournament should boast a million dollar prize pool , with prizes of growing participation based on the results obtained and the victories achieved in a way not too different from what was expected in the other eSport tournaments dedicated to the Epic Games battle royale like the Fortnite World Cup .

To listen to these rumors, the Fortnite tournament exclusively on Xbox One should be exclusively accessible in the United States and provide for challenges in Solo mode, thus limiting the differences related to the controller used. As usual, we will keep you updated for further developments.