Friday Fortnite: New Event, Many Stars, Here Are All the Details of the Event

Friday Fortnite

While everyone is waiting for the start of the final phase of the World Cup, Friday Fortnite is back, now a fixture for all Epic Games battle rally fans. This Friday will be the fifth round since the series was resurrected in May after almost a year of absence, amid controversy.

The first four weeks were financed by donations from FaZe Clans and YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson. Keemstar, the event organizer, has yet to announce who put the money for the fifth week.

The tournament will start at 22.00 (GMT +2) and will be visible on the Keemstar and UMG channel. Furthermore, you can follow the stream even in the individual channels of some of the competing players.

As usual, this week’s Friday Fortnite will feature some of the biggest names in the community, including big-caliber YouTuber, first-rate streamer and, of course, professional players. The expected participation sees Ninja, NICKMERCS, Myth, Dr. Disrespect, and other important content creators, as well as pros of Ghost Gaming, FaZe Clan, 100 Thieves, and others.

In addition, some stars and sports influencers, super fans of the title, including the NFL receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster (who also belongs to the FaZe Clan) and Bronny, the son of Lebron James, will also compete.