GTA Online: Double Rewards in Rockstar Stunt Races!

GTA Online

Once the Independence Week is overGTA Online is now ready to go mad with the Stunt Races, where there are double rewards. Both stunt races created by Rockstar and those verified by Rockstar are included.

The bonuses obviously don’t end there. The Fights between business, the assignments of the boss and the sales missions guarantee double salaries, while on a selection of properties and vehicles, among which the Benefactor Terrorbyte and the Mobile Operating Center stand out, discounts of 40% are provided. Here is the complete selection:

  • Trucks of the Mobile Operating Center, renovations and modules
  • Mammoth Avenger, renovations and additions
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte
  • Operational bases
  • Hangar
  • Offices
  • Warehouses for special loads
  • Bunker
  • Centauri clubhouse and establishments
  • Night clubs, renovations, and additions
  • Night club garage

What do you think? Will you make purchases? One thing is certain: in GTA Online, pending the opening of the Vinewood Casino and Diamond Resort scheduled for this summer, opportunities to be seized are not lacking at all.