League of Legends Spins the Economy: Millionaire Revenues for Rotterdam

League Of Legends China

According to the data reported by Riot Games and relating to the two days of the Spring Split last April, the rebrand of the League of Legends European Championship, now based on a franchise model, has generated about 2.4 million euros of revenue for the local economy of Rotterdam.

In short, one of the most important export events of the League of Legends competitive year seems to have given a more than a discreet contribution to the economy of the city that hosted it.

It seems, therefore, that the program developed by Riot in collaboration with Burson Cohn & Wolfe Sports, an important company that deals with sports events, is bearing fruit. This program is substantiated by the candidacy (and subsequent selection) of the cities that are proposed to host the events dedicated to the Riot Games MOBA.

The second city of the 2019 season will be Athens (which will boast Lion as its main sponsor, in addition to Warner Music) while the host cities for the 2020 season have not yet been announced. Riot has even had to expand the program to accept applications two years in advance due to the ” high demand “.

The statistics reported by Riot Games derive from surveys, verified tickets and ticket sales data for the 13-14 April event. According to the findings, 87.13% came from outside Rotterdam and, above all, from abroad: China, South Korea and Peru.

Who was there at the LEC Spring Split Finals, according to the collected statistics, spent on average €53 a day in Rotterdam? In addition, Riot, on that occasion inside the venue set up a completely new pole in which the teams set up their stands to meet fans and promote their brand in the round. Not to mention, finally, the presence of major sponsors such as Shell, Alienware, Logitech G, Footlocker, Kia Motors, GoDaddy and the non-profit Dutch Sanquin.

In short, export not only has more and more attractiveness but it also has all the cards in order to run the economy and it is finally beginning to understand.