Moons of Madness: The Lovecraftian Horror Set on Mars Is Seen in Images and Videos


Almost two years after the announcement of Moons of Madness, the spheres of Funcom take us back to Mars to make us live the Lovercraft nightmare of the new Rock Poket Games horror sci-fi with a new series of images and gameplay scenes.

The narrative plot drawn up by the Norwegian authors will focus on the feats performed by Shane Newehart, a technician assigned to the Martian research outpost Invictus to discover the origin of a mysterious signal picked up by the nearby scientific station of Orochi. Once in place, our intrepid alter-ego will have to appeal to all his courage to fight the visions and hallucinations caused by the long period of isolation and the impossibility of communicating with the earth base.

In the hope that the transport shuttle Cyrano will land (or rather admit you ) as soon as possible to allow him to return home, poor Shane will have to keep all the systems of the Martian installation in operation and understand if the violent hallucinations of which he is the victim are only the fruit of his fervid imagination or if, on the contrary, they have to do with the disturbing message received by Orochi scientists. From the point of view of the game mechanics, just like in Conarium we will have to alternate the phases related to the exploration of the environment with the action and stealth sessions with the monsters and ghosts faced by our character as protagonists.

So we leave you with the new gameplay trailer and the images of Moons of Madness and we inform you that the Funcom horror will be available starting on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from October 31 this year, or Halloween.