New Japanese Switches from Nintendo Switch with Unpublished Sequences of Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Nintendo of Japan has released three new Switch commercials currently broadcast on Japanese TV channels to show the summer console lineup, as well as an unpublished 60-second spot for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The three console spots show various components of the family playing with Nintendo Switch, alone or in company, while on the screen the images of Super Mario Maker 2 , Jikkyou Pro Powerful Yakyuu (not available in the West), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , Super Mario Party, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Tetris 99 (exclusive for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers) and 1-2-Switch.

The Pokemon Spada and Scudo spot is slightly longer ( 60 seconds) and will be broadcast today in Japanese cinemas before the screening of large summer blockbusters, the video also contains some unpublished sequences never seen before in the West.

Despite the imminent launch of Nintendo Switch Lite, the Kyoto company will not neglect the standard model, as also confirmed by NOA CEO Doug Bowser: the Lite version will go alongside as an alternative for the portable game but will not replace the Premium model currently in trade, likely to enjoy a hardware overhaul with new components.