PC Engine Mini: The Pre-Orders Will Open for Amazon Prime Day, the Price Revealed in Europe

PC Engine Mini:

This morning Konami announced the 50 games included in the Mini PC Engine, now new details are coming about the European release date and the price of the new mini console, available from the beginning of 2020.

PC Engine Mini will be on sale starting March 19, 2020 exclusively on Amazon for the price of 89.99 euros, the Prime subscriptions will be able to pre-order from July 15, the day of the start of the Amazon Prime Day 2019, at the moment we do not know when the pre-order will open for everyone customers.

Konami then chooses to turn to the giant Amazon for the European distribution of the CoreGrafx Mini PC Engine (this is the official name on our continent), thus ignoring physical stores, electronics chains, and department stores.

Among the games included in the Mini PC Engine are Bomberman ’93 (1993) , Chrew-Man-Fu (1990), Military Madness (1990), Moto Roader (1989), Parasol Stars (1991), Power Golf (1989), Ys Book I & II (1990), Aldynes (1991), Akumajou Dracula X Chi no Rondo (1993 ), Daimakaimura (1990), Gradius (1991), The Kung Fu (1987), PC Genjin (1989), Ninja Ryuukenden (1992 ) , Salamander (1991) and Snatcher (1992).