PlayStation Plus: Rumor and Speculation on the Free PS4 Games of August 2019

Playstation Plus May 2019

We are approaching the middle of the month and as usual, the first speculations about the PS4 lineup from the PlayStation Plus lineup for August 2019 are coming. What games could make their appearance in the Instant Game Collection next month? Let’s try to find out! Full Throttle Remastered

For some time the trend of Sony is now clear and is to offer two PS4 games for free per month, from March (ie since PS3 and PS Vita games were removed) we have not seen any waivers or bonus games, maybe for PlayStation VR , so in August the Japanese company could continue on this same line.

In July, Sony announced PES 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo as free games for Plus subscribers, only to remove the Konami sportsman to make room for Detroit Become Human. Could Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 be part of the August IGC? Hard to say but probably not, considering the launch of PES 2020 scheduled for early September.

Two games have prompted our attention and could become part of the PlayStation Plus lineup of August 2019: Full Throttle Remastered and Darksiders Warmastered Edition. Expanding the scissors, you could think of a Gundam game (to stay on the topic of mecha, given the arrival of Metal Wolf Chaos XD on August 6th) or maybe Deracinè from FromSoftware, in the Sony case decided to add a PlayStation VR game to the 

Almost certainly selection the pair will consist of an AAA / AA game and an indie production, as happened in these months. We ask you: what games would you like in the PS Plus August 2019 lineup?