Pokemon Go: How to Get All the Forms of Alola (And Chromatics) in 2019

To celebrate the third anniversary of Pokemon GONiantic Labs has decided to introduce new forms of Alola into the game, with the possibility of capturing them even in a chromatic version. Below we explain how to get them all.

Below are all the forms of Alola currently obtainable in Pokemon GO, explaining what you need to do to capture them and add them to your collection.

All forms of Alola available in Pokemon GO in 2019

  • Alola Exeggutor – This is the first Alola Pokemon introduced in Pokemon GO. You can meet him casually during your explorations, with rare frequency.
  • Alola Vulpix – It can be obtained by hatching eggs from 7 km.
  • Alola Ninetails – You can get it randomly by evolving Vulpix, or by hatching an Egg.
  • Alola Grimer – It can be obtained by hatching eggs from 7 km.
  • Mola di Alola – It can be obtained by making Grimer evolve or by opening an Egg.
  • Alola Meowth – It can be obtained by hatching eggs from 7 km or 10 km.
  • Persian of Alola – Randomly obtained by evolving Meowth, or by hatching a 10 km Egg.
  • Alola Sandshrew – It can be obtained by hatching eggs from 7 km.
  • Alola Sandslash – Randomly obtained by evolving Sandshrew.
  • Alola Rattata – Random encounter in the wild, with rare frequency.
  • Alola Raticate – Obtainable by developing Rattata.
  • Alola Geodude – You will meet him casually starting July 14, with rare frequency.
  • Alola Graveler – Obtainable by evolving Geodude.
  • Alola Golem – Obtainable by evolving Graveler.
  • Diglett di Alola – You can meet him randomly starting from July 14th, with rare frequency.
  • Alola Dugtrio – Obtainable by evolving Diglett.
  • Alola Marowak – Obtainable by evolving Cubone.
  • Raichu of Alola – It can be obtained casually by hatching the eggs from 7 km.

How to obtain chromatic forms of Alola

According to the words of Niantic Labs, all Pokemon GO coaches will have the opportunity to meet the color versions of the following forms of Alola: Exeggutor, Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude and Grimer. The meeting will be purely coincidental, and will only be based on your luck.

Speaking of rare creatures, remember that until July 31, Pokemon GO players will be able to face the Raid of Armored Mewtwo.

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