PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Disc Players Have Made Gamestop Very Happy

The CEO of Take-Two Talks About PS5, Xbox Scarlett and Google Stadia

The arrival of the new generation of consoles is highly anticipated, not only by players but also by retailers, given the inevitable sales boom that will ensue. Among them, of course, also GameStop , which in recent times is struggling to make ends meet , is also due to the physiological decline in sales of PS4 and Xbox One.

In a recent interview given to GameSpot, Chief Customer Officer Frank Hamlin said he was excited about Sony and Microsoft’s decision to include the disc player on their next-generation consoles . It may seem obvious, but many in recent times have feared the complete transition to digital. The adoption of the physical format, of course, will allow GameStop and retailers to continue selling retail games, an important source of income for the traditional sales chain. “I believe that both Microsoft and Sony are fully aware of the need for players to have that opportunity available ,  said Hamlin.“It’s like a collectible. That tangibility is something extremely important for the gaming experience. Not providing customers with such a privilege would be foolish , and I think both Microsoft and Sony know this well . 

What do you think? You too, like the GameStop executive, are you happy that the two companies have decided not to abandon the physical format? We take this opportunity to remind you that Xbox Scarlett will be launched on the market just in time for next year’s festivities. PlayStation 5, on the other hand, still lacks a launch window, although everyone seems to be aiming for 2020. GameStop, by the way, has defined itself as incredibly enthusiastic even for the announcement of Nintendo Switch Lite , a console waiting for September 20th .