Supermassive Games Has Ideas for at Least Eight Games in the Dark Pictures Series

The Dark Pictures Man of Medan Shows Itself in 11 Minutes of Gameplay

As we know Man of Medan is only the first part of a great project called The Dark Pictures Anthology which currently includes at least two games, the first coming in August and the second already in production.

But will Supermassive Games stop at two chapters? Certainly not, as testified also by the CEO of the Pete Samuels firm: during a recent interview the president of the company stated that the team ” wrote the story at least up to the eighth chapter “, however, it remains to be seen whether it will actually be possible to produce eight different games or if the plot will be concluded in a smaller number of episodes.

Everything will probably depend on the success of Man of Medan, the series’ debut game available from August 30th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The plan for publishing the subsequent episodes is not known, initially, there was the talk of a new game every six months but this business model could be difficult to sustain over the long haul.

In any case, Supermassive seems to have worked hard to give life to an anthological series full of nuances, a story with macabre hues with the possibility of sharing the experience with friends thanks to the support for the co-op multiplayer.