The Bard’s Tale IV Director’s Cut Has a Launch Date, It Will Be a Free PC Upgrade


InXile has finally announced the launch date of The Bard’s Tale IV Director’s Cut, a revised, corrected and enriched version of the local dungeon crawler originally released in September last year.

The new edition of the title will be available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting from 27 August 2019. The owners of the Microsoft console will be pleased to learn that the title will be included in the launch in the rich Xbox Game Pass catalog, while PC players can rejoice even more by discovering that for them The Bard’s Tale IV Director’s Cut will be redeemable as a free upgrade, upon purchase of the original version of the game.

Below, we present the news included in the Director’s Cut:

  • A new final chapter that adds hours of additional content;
  • New enemies, objects and weapons, including dwarven weapons;
  • Thousands of corrections and improvements to the game;
  • Improved interface and enriched with new features;
  • New options for creating characters;
  • Rebalancing fighting and fighting;
  • New difficulty settings;
  • Full gamepad support on all platforms.