Will PS5 Cost $800? Michael Pachter Ironizes on the Price of the New Sony Console

Will PS5 Be Equipped With The Amd Gonzalo SoC

During the days of E3 in Los Angeles, the analyst Michael Pachter talked about the price of PS5, assuming a price tag set at 700 or 800 dollars … obviously a list price absolutely out of any market logic.

The video of his chat with Geoff Keighley is going around the web at this time (although, as mentioned, this is not a very recent statement) and has quickly filled with negative comments, so much so that he forced the Wedbush analyst himself to clarify his position.

” I only said that I do not expect a price set at $299 or $399, out of the market according to me considering the technical features of PS5 announced by Sony. Obviously, I was ironic when I spoke of a list price of $800… “

Obviously, PlayStation 5 will not cost $799, according to analysts the price of the new Sony next-gen console could be set between $399 and $499, a range considered commercially valid for a new platform of this level.

Recently an old leak on PS5 is back in vogue revealing information such as launch window, list price and PlayStation 5 games being developed, as usual, but we invite you to take it all with due precautions.