Xbox Scarlett: Playground Games Discusses the Next Gen Role-Playing Game

Xbox Scarlett

Attending the opening of the first European Microsoft Store, the creative director of Playground Games, Ralph Fulton, revealed new details and interesting background information on the ambitious open-world role-playing game that the Forza Horizon 4 team is developing for Xbox Scarlett.

In Twinfinite’s microphones, Fulton stated that the opportunity offered by the Redmond giant to shape this mysterious RPG next-gen “is an extremely exciting experience for all members of our development team, (with Xbox Scarlett, ed. ) we are really at the beginning of something that will change the way videogames are used, but all of this brings with it so much pressure “ .

The new role-playing game will see Playground Games collaborate with all the other talents gravitating around Xbox Game Studios , and in this regard the company’s creative director would like to point out that “you have to think about where you are going to choose your investments accordingly do, and then you have to think of all the players, not just those who are tied to a specific console “, thus suggesting that the title could also land on Windows 10 PC and have a game system capable of marrying perfectly to mobile environments that will be achieved with Project xCloud .

Returning to the next-gen RPG for Xbox Scarlett , Fulton prefers to gloss over the subject and simply state that “our idea is to continue to support Forza Horizon 4 for the coming months and then fully focus on our next title, an open world on which we have been working on for a while, as you well know even though it has not yet been officially revealed and is top secret! ” .

The identikit of Playground Games’ new role-playing game could, therefore, match that of Fable 4, as the boss of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, has quietly meant by inviting us to wait until E3 2020 to reveal the official title.