Days Gone Welcomes a New Challenge: For the First Time, the Bike Is the Protagonist!

Days Gone: Deacon ST. John's Motorcycle Protagonist in the Best Shots Selected by Sony

If the first Days Gone weekly challenge had prompted players to use all their courage to face frightening Freaker hordes, the Bend Studio team now changes course!

The new update introduced by the developers has given players access to a new type of challenge, whose absolute protagonist will be your trusty motorcycle for the first time. To get out of winners, now more than ever, users will have to give all their pilot skills.

As you can verify directly at the bottom of this news, Bend Studio announced that the new challenge will require your videogame alter-ego to test themselves in the Diamond Lake area. Here, players will have to complete an arduous journey in the shortest possible time. Along the way, you will have to recover bandages and bandages, but the danger will always lie in wait: hordes of Freaker may, in fact, come between you and the target! Perfect control of your trusty two-wheeler will, therefore, be essential to complete the mission: ready to get involved? 

A new challenge is therefore made wide within Days Gone. On the occasion of last week, the Bend Studio team instead he invited players to challenge a horde of Marauders.