Dreaming of Fable 4: Cyberconnect2 Artist Imagines It in Unreal Engine 4! Here Is the Video

No E3 for Fable 4, Microsoft Calls for Patience: Will It Be Announced in the Coming Months?

In the period before the 2019 edition of E3, several rumors were chased that wanted an announcement by Fable 4, new chapter of the saga, to be imminent.

Unfortunately, no confirmation was received from Microsoft during the Los Angeles fair, and the players awaiting the return of the brand had no way to celebrate their return. In the days that followed E3 Phil Spencer first commented on the rumors on Fable 4, without however overreacting.

Waiting to find out if something is actually boiling in the pot and if the events in the world of Fable are actually destined to return to entertain fans, a developer offers us an interesting opportunity to try to dream of a future Fable 4. This is Moses Saintfleur, 3D Artist at the studios of CyberConnect2 Montreal. The latter in fact imagined and recreated a possible setting for the game created by Unreal Engine 4. The result is certainly interesting and you can admire it in the video that you find directly at the beginning of this news. Inside it is also shown the process of creating the level, with the final result visible starting from about 8:40 minutes. What do you think of the creation of the 3D Artist of CyberConnect2?