Even Borderlands 3 Participates in the Bottle Cap Challenge … in Its Own Way

The Borderlands Series Has Sold over 43 Million Copies

Internet is a weird place. Just a nothing, and the most absurd fashions spread like wildfire. In these days the Bottle Cap Challenge is going crazy on the net, which challenges internet users to fly the cap of a bottle with a rotating stock …

The guys from Gearbox Software, who of fancy and madness understand each other, could certainly not refrain from participating and chose Borderlands 3, expected title to arrive in September, as a challenge. The Psycho protagonist of the curtain, in any case, was completely uninterested in the bottle, setting a straight kick on the face of the unfortunate Midget who held the bottle. After all, what could we expect from a crazy guy? Find the video, whose description reads “No one asked for it” , at the bottom of this news. Good vision!

We take the opportunity to remind you that Borderlands 3 will be launched on September 13th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Collector’s editions. In recent days, the friendly Captrap accompanied us on a tour to discover Pandora, while a new Borderlands 3 event is expected on 16 July. We look forward to finding out what will be shown!