Fire Emblem: Three Houses, We Admire the Wonderful Introductory Movie

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Nintendo has given the trade press the opportunity to get its hands on the eagerly awaited Fire Emblem: Three Houses just weeks after its launch, scheduled exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

The YouTube channel GameXplain has so well thought of uploading to the network the beautiful introductory movie that will welcome all players at the start of the adventure. Created in anime style, the spectacular sequence shows a clash between two armies and serves to introduce players to the events set in the lands of Fódlan, a continent divided into three nations and on the brink of war. At its center stands the monastery of Garreg Mach, which houses the Officers Academy which trains future leaders. The players, in the role of a traveling mercenary, turned professor, will have to decide which of the three houses of the Academy to lead, in school life and on the battlefield.