Fortnite, Available in the Shop All the Objects of 14 Days of Summer

Fortnite A Leak Reveals the Challenges of Week 7 and the Rewards of 14 Days of Summer

The 14 Days of Summer event, which brought to Fortnite many new MATs and weapons that had ended up in the warehouse, came to an end on Monday. The players, however, still have a few days to complete the challenges, while today they again have the opportunity to purchase all the themed objects introduced in recent days.

In fact, in one fell swoop, Epic Games has re-entered all three sets of the event inside the store. We are talking about:

Drift Set

  • Summer Drift Costume with selectable styles (epic, 1,500 V-Buck)
  • Double Blade Pickaxe (epic, 1,200 V-Buck)
  • Kitsune coverage (rare, 500 V-Buck)
  • Hang glider Drift flow (rare, 800 V-Buck)

Set Sun and Rainbows

  • Skin Beach Bomber (rare, 1,200 V-Buck)
  • Shining Star Cover (uncommon, 300 V-Buck)
  • Hang glider Load (not common, 500 V-Buck)

Sea Food Set

  • Starfish costume (epic, 1,500 V-Buck)
  • Pickaxe Destroying Shell (epic, 1,200 V-Buck)
  • Hang glider Medusa (epic, 1,200 V-Buck)

If for some reason you missed them in the last few weeks, now you can fix them. Which one will you buy?