Niantic Ends Support for Android Kitkat for Pokémon Go and Ingress

Pokémon Go: The New Replacement Mechanic Has Been Removed from the Trainer Challenges

In an official statement, Niantic announced that it had removed the new game mechanic related to the Pokémon replacement in Pokémon GO Trainer Challenges. According to the developers, this change has not reached the optimal level expected.

“The original implementation had an unexpected behavior, but we were struck by the game action born from the possibility of changing Pokémon in real time during attacks. We are trying to solve some Pokémon problems that attack and are attacked during animations of We also intend to improve the support for the emerging strategy resulting from the previous exchange mode. Instead of maintaining the new behavior, until we are able to support this mechanism we have decided that it is better to go back to the previous game rules,  reads on the official website.

What do you think of this decision? We take the opportunity to remind you that until July 31 you can try your hand at the armored MewTwo raid. Tomorrow, July 14th, as a reward for completing Professor Willow’s global challenge organized at Dortmund’s Pokémon GO Fest, you will instead have the opportunity to face Entei in the Pokémon GO raids. The lucky ones among you will even be able to meet him in a shiny version!


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