Borderlands 3: Will the New Event of 16 July Reveal Cross Play?

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

The mysterious Borderlands 3 event announced for July 16 by Gearbox Software is arousing the curiosity of fans of this iconic FPS series. Gearbox fans, Randy Pitchford, also feed the fans’ expectations with a tweet that lends itself to multiple interpretations.

Using social media to publicize the imminent arrival of the event entitled “Celebration of Togetherness”, Pitchford explains to the many lovers of the Take-Two shooter-looter that “what we have prepared for you can create a great shared moment of happiness, joy, and wonder”.

The ambiguous reference to “sharing” has thus led many members of the Borderlands community to consider highly probable the announcement, during the event, of Cross Play support and, therefore, of the possibility for users to take up arms of Hunters of the Crypt and embark on the battle against the Calypso Twins by participating in unified multiplayer lobbying on PCs and consoles (and presumably Google Stadia).

The mysterious “Celebration of Togetherness” of Borderlands 3 will have at 16:00 Italian Tuesday, July 16: unlike in the past, to participate in the event in question just connect to the official website of the game, without going through Twitch and contributing, so doing, to rekindle the rumors on the announcement of Cross Play. Finally, the possibility of attending the presentation of an unpublished gameplay movie starring FL4K is not to be discarded.

While waiting to understand what forms this new event will take and which announcements will be made on that occasion by Gearbox, we remind you that Borderlands 3 is scheduled for launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting from 13 September and on Google Stadia in the course of the month of November.