Cheating in Apex Legends? Respawn AIMS for a Matchmaking That Matches the Cheaters

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Through a post published on the well-known Reddit platform, Respawn Entertainment updates the Apex Legends community on the actions it intends to take to combat cheating.

To publish this in-depth analysis is the Community Manager of the software house, which reassures users that the development team is aware of the relevance of the topic, also due to the recent debut of the classified mode of Apex Legends. Respawn, he reports, already has in mind a series of measures he is working on.

Among these, various options are mentioned, including the possibility of using machine learning to develop behavioural models that allow to identify and ban cheaters automatically. Respawn also aims to keep up to date with the emergence of new cheating systems, to devote more resources to the problem and to investigate the dynamics of party creation with great attention. Finally, a particularly peculiar measure is mentioned, namely the possibility of implementing a “matchmaking that matches the identified cheaters” , thus inserting them together in the same games. In the post, the Community Manager also reiterated: “As we said earlier, the war against cheaters will be ongoing and remains a high priority for us . ” 

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