Doom Eternal: Id Software Incenses the ID Tech, the Graphic Engine Is Ready for the Next Gen

Doom Eternal Will Receive Two Single-Player Expansions After Launch

On the occasion of the interview with VGC to celebrate Doom’s 25 years, id Software’s executive producer, Marty Stratton, wanted to spend words on honey for the DOOM Eternal ID Tech, believing that its graphics engine is already capable to offer playful experiences at the limits of photorealism on next-gen systems.

Illustrating the qualities of his graphics engine, Stratton explained to his Video Games Chronicles colleagues that “our technology is so scalable … it’s really a big advantage for us. That team (the ID Tech internal ID Software, ed) has been following the development of this engine for years and is so proud of the work done to optimize it to the point of making it perfectly functional and scalable on any system, from Nintendo Switch to high-end PCs”.

Turning one’s gaze to the future and assuming the uses that the leaders of id Software will make of their graphics engine on the new high-end PCs (thanks also to the support of Ray Tracing ) and on the systems of the next generation like PS5 and Xbox Scarlett , the producer DOOM executive Eternal reveals that “it is fantastic because the engine knows how to give the best on all systems. Our kids will be the first to read the reviews and analyzes that will be made on how DOOM Eternal will behave on the various platforms present and future”.

In August last year, id Software’s chief programmer Tiago Sousa explained that DOOM Eternal ‘s ID Tech 7 will provide a potentially ten-fold greater level of detail than the already excellent prequel. To get a clearer picture of the situation, we don’t have to do anything but wait for the launch of DOOM Eternal, scheduled for November 22 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.