Doug Bowser: Nintendo America’s President on Reggie’s Greatest Teaching

Nintendo America

During February of this year, a decidedly unexpected announcement involved the world of Nintendo AmericaReggie Fils Aime’s decision to leave the Company.

Decidedly loved by the community linked to the productions of the Grande N, the role played by the latter was later entrusted to Doug Bowser, the current new president of Nintendo America. Bowser officially presented to the public on the occasion of Nintendo Direct broadcast by the Kyoto House during E3 2019, giving life to a nice gag that involved Mario’s iconic opponent.

Recently, there has been an opportunity to discover some further information about Bowser, who during an interview discussed what he considers to be the main lesson transmitted to him by Reggie. Questioned on the subject, the NOA president replied: “I think … the most important thing he shared with me is really simply the importance and, if you like, the admiration for our great characters and engaging worlds. And also the passion that our fans have for that”. Among his goals for his presidency, Bowser later cited the importance of making sure that “quell always be our focus, bring smiles on the faces of those people”.