Eiji Aonuma Discusses the Dungeon Editor of Zelda Link’s Awakening for Switch


The volcanic mind behind the project for the Nintendo Switch remake of Zelda Link’s Awakening, the brilliant Eiji Aonuma, jumped at the chance provided by an interview with the curators of Nintendo’s official website to reveal new details about the dungeon editor which will characterize the title.

Discussing the design and creative challenges to be overcome to allow the introduction of a dungeon editor conceptually similar to a Zelda Maker in the gaming ecosystem of the current-gen remaking of the much  loved Link’s Awakening for Game Boy , Aonuma reveals that“many years have passed since the release of the original game but I always wanted to do it again, despite the difficulties to overcome. Thinking about the remake of Link’s Awakening, I always wanted to insert this new function of the dungeon editor, for the simple fact that the dungeons of this game fits the idea perfectly, and it can be said that this was the very thing that encouraged me in wanting to make this game, and that’s how the new feature called Dungeon Chamber was born “ .

If from the artistic point of view the addition of the dungeon editor did not require particular efforts to the development team, on the other hand the discussion on the commitment made by Nintendo in making this element of the game accessible and “complex” at the time is very different himself, as Eiji Aonuma himself explains, stating that“We wanted to make the players create their own dungeons, but we thought it would be harder to make a 3D editor. However, Link’s Awakening is a classic Zelda game with a top view and every dungeon room has the same size, this made our task easier. Rather than creating levels from scratch, we decided to offer users a system that would allow them to place dungeon tiles, turning it into an enigma to be solved. 

The Dungeon Chamber will be present at the launch of Zelda Link’s Awakening, scheduled for September 20 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Both the system to create custom dungeons and all other aspects of gameplay of the adventure can also be enjoyed on the newly announced Nintendo Switch Lite.