Fallout 76: Announced the Release Date of Patch 11 and a New Special Event!

Fallout 76 Upcoming Changes

During the first days of July, the Bethesda team had anticipated the imminent release of the new Fallout 76 patch: apparently, however, it is not the only surprise scheduled for the month of July!

Through the now-familiar appointment with “Inside the Vault”, the development team offered further details on the near future of the game. In particular, it was announced that patch 11 will be made available to players starting next Tuesday, July 16th

But that’s not all: Bethesda is planning to launch a “new seasonal event” in the final period of July. The start date of the latter has not yet been revealed, but updates will follow in the coming weeks. However, the development team provided some clues about the nature of the event, specifying that it will allow those who populate the Appalachia of Fallout 76 to face the summer in the company of Grahm and Charlie muu-muu. In fact, it seems that the former is planning to go to the barbecue and organize a “big party”. If this is successful, it is reported, “you will be adequately rewarded”: curious to learn more? 

In closing, we remind you that one of the latest updates has brought improvements to the Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter.