Fortnite and Doggus: A Jetpack Was Sighted on the Assembled Pressure System Robot!

Fortnite Challenges Week 8

The always vast and curious Fortnite: Battle Royale community has been in turmoil for some time. The public expects the imminent launch of a new special in-game event.

A mysterious countdown has, in fact, appeared only a short time ago in the western area of ​​Sprofondo Stantio. The countdown will reach the deadline next Saturday 20 July, and for this time we expect the beginning of the event Cattus Vs Doggus of Fortnite. The latter should see a mysterious creature (Cattus) opposed to a giant robot (Cattus).

The latter, in particular, has gradually made its appearance on the gaming island. In fact, over the last few years, construction work has begun on a robot at the pressure plant area. The latter has been enriched over time with new components, but the most recent addition has attracted the curiosity of many players. As you can verify at the bottom, it looks like the robotic creature is now wearing a Jetpack! The sighting has predictably sparked the Fortnite community’s imagination, which now speculates that the robot might even decide to take flight in the near future. What do you think, are you monitoring the pressure system area?

To find out what will happen on Fortnite Island, all that remains is to wait some more time!