Fortnite: The Chrysalis Team Invades the Store; Changes for the Trio Cash Cup


The number of costumes and objects available in Fortnite Battaglia Reale has now become mammoth, but Epic Games does not seem at all intent on putting a stop to adding new content. In the night, the new Chrysalis Set made its debut in the game shop.

As the name clearly suggests, the set consists of a series of skins inspired by insects. Frullio (rare, 1,200 V-Buck) includes a decorative back in the shape of butterfly wings, while Carapace (rare, 1,200 V-Buck) carries a caterpillar on its shoulders. Completing the set is the pickaxe with the theme of Flycatchers (not common, 500 V-Buck).

Meanwhile, Epic Games has also been forced to intervene on the rules of one of the tournaments currently in progress, namely Terzetti Coppa Cash ( Trio Cash Cup ), whose finals will take place tonight from 19:00 to 22:00 (GMT +2). In the initial intentions, the killings should have guaranteed the recovery of 50 health points or shields and 50 materials. Due to a bug, however, this did not happen, so the company changed the rules in the race setting them in the same way as the Arena mode. Unfortunately, this has brought with it other problems, since the scoring system of the two competitions is different. In the end, the American company decided to bring back the collection frequency of the materials to the standard and disable recovery following a killing.