Monster Hunter World: All Astera Festivals Will Be Back from July 26th!

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Have you started playing Monster Hunter World recently, and missed the past seasonal events? Don’t worry, Capcom has announced that starting Friday, July 26th, all the Astera Festivals will be re-proposed for the joy of all the hunters!

The holiday period, which will last a good 5 weeks, will see the weekly events alternate, according to this calendar:

  • Week 1 – Spring Flowers Festival: from Friday 26 July 02:00 to Friday 2 August 01:59 (GMT +2)
  • Week 2 – Summer sunset festival: from Friday 2 August 02:00 to Friday 9 August 01:59 (GMT +2)
  • Week 3 – Autumn harvest festival: from Friday 10 August 02:00 to Friday 16 August 01:59 (GMT +2)
  • Week 4 – Winter star festival: from Friday 16th August 02:00 to Friday 23 August 01:59 (GMT +2)
  • Week 5 – Thanksgiving Festival: from Friday 23 August 02:00 to Friday 30 August 01:59 (GMT +2)

The Festivals are seasonal events held at the Celestial Hunting, which for the occasion is decorated and with all the assistants dressed in the theme. For all their duration, almost all past event missions will be repeated, while the Hunters will receive two Megafortune Coupons as an access bonus (three, in the case of the Thanksgiving Festival). It’s not over here! A special seasonal dish will be available in the Celeste Caccia, the facilities will have discounted prices and the assistant will have special costumes available. It will also be possible to obtain new backgrounds, titles and poses for the guild card, as well as costumes for the Poogie (unless they have already been released previously).

A great opportunity to get equipment and special items in view of the launch of the big Iceborne expansion, scheduled for September 6th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC hunters will have to wait for winter to arrive.