New Microsoft Policy: Accounts Closed After Two Years of Inactivity, Unless

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Microsoft has recently updated its policy on account activity, changing a point that every user should take into due consideration. From now on, the Redmond company reserves the right to close inactive accounts for a period equal to or greater than two years. Previously, the limit was five.

This rule obviously also affects Xbox accounts used to access videogame services. To prevent Microsoft from closing it, you need to log in at least in the specified time frame. The new regulation was published on 1 July, but will actually come into force next 30 August. If you have old accounts that you haven’t used for a long time, and you don’t want to risk losing them, we advise you to make at least one login.

There are also many other actions that can be taken to keep an account running, such as purchasing a Microsoft product or service (gift cards are excluded) or having a subscription. So if you are subscribing to Xbox Live Gold or Office, the account will not be closed until those subscriptions remain active, even if you are not signed in. The two-year countdown begins when the subscription expires. Furthermore, Microsoft will never close any accounts associated with unspent credit in the wallet. Expected exclusions also for family accounts: the main one, even if unused, will continue to be active until the sub-accounts are used.

In short, Microsoft will never close anything suddenly and without a valid reason. Anyone who uses Redmond services and devices regularly has nothing to fear. The move seems to be mostly aimed at cleaning up double, fake and now completely disused accounts. It is good to be informed, in any case. The complete regulation can be found at this address