Pokemon Sword and Shield: Appearance and Skill of Gigamax Pokemon Confirmed so Far

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Rather surprisingly and outside of a dedicated Pokemon Direct, Game Freak and Nintendo have released a new trailer for Pokemon Spada and Scudo, presenting the new Gigamax feature.

The latter is described as “a special type of Dynamax”, of which only “some rare specimens of certain species of Pokémon” can be used. The gigamaxized Pokemon, in addition to assuming colossal dimensions and becoming more powerful, see their appearance change. The creatures can also have access to an exclusive move of this feature, called “Gigamax move” . For now, Game Freak has confirmed the possibility of gigamaxizing only for some specimens of three eighth generation pokemon.

  • The first of these is Drednaw, who under the influence of the Gigamax phenomenon passes from a quadruped creature to a biped, standing on its hind legs only. His gigamax move is called Gigarocciagetto and replaces all the Water-type moves of Dreadnaw Gigamax. The effect of this move is twofold: in addition to inflicting damage to the opponent, in fact, he will also place sharp rocks on the battlefield, which will damage the creatures that could later go into action.
  • The second Pokemon is Corviknight, which in its Gigamax version sees all its flying-type moves replaced by the Gigamax Mossa called Gigaciclone. This too, like Gigarocciagetto, has more effects. The attack inflicts damage to the opposing Pokemon, but at the same time cancels the effect of enemy moves, among which Riflesso and Schermoluce are mentioned.
  • Finally, the third Gigamax Pokemon we have shown so far is Alcremie. In this particular form, the goblin-like creature takes on the appearance of a sort of gigantic cake on several levels. His gigamax move has been called Gigagranfinale, which will replace all the Sprite-type moves by Alcremie Gigamax. Once again, the potential is twofold: by using it, the Pokemon can both inflict damage on the opponent and recover PS from the allies.

At the bottom of this news, you can find a gallery of images depicting Dreadnaw Gigamax, Corviknight Gigamax and Alcremie Gigamax: what do you think of this feature? In closing, we point out that the reveal of the Gigamax has brought back an interesting rumor related to the evolution of the starters of Pokemon Sword and Shield.