The Division: Ubisoft Evaluates the Idea of ​​a Narrative Spin-Off Chapter and Without Multiplayer

The Division 2

The creative director of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Julian Gerighty of Ubisoft, decides to submit to the community of the open-world shooter series the idea of ​​a completely single-player spin-off video game that helps to expand the narrative universe centered on the deeds of the Agents of the Division.

To tickle the fantasies of the Ubisoft executive so much to push him to sound out the hypothesis of a new chapter of The Division devoid of multiplayer mode was the friend Tim Spencer of TT Games, the development company linked to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and specializing in the creation of LEGO-themed video games.

From the pages of his Twitter profile, in fact, the Level Director of TT Games explained that “I love the idea of ​​a narrative and single-player spin-off of The Division. It could be focused on an Agent trying to get home from his beloved family after being sent to New York during the blackout with the SHD following the fall of Washington DC, a sort of crossover between The Last of Us and The Division”.

As was easily predictable, Gerighty’s initiative and Spencer’s reference to the iconic The Last of Us series prompted many community users to express their opinion on socials by dividing those who hope for the development of such a project and who, instead, he prefers the multiplayer and open world setting of the original game and its sequel. Regardless of the real feasibility of this hypothetical single-player spin-off, we remind all the Division Agents in listening (or better, reading) that the upcoming updates of The Division 2 will bring changes to the crafting and matchmaking for the Raids. All this, while the Episode 1 Expedition in the Suburbs of DC is scheduled for launch on July 23rd(for those who purchased Pass Year 1 ) and for July 30th as a free DLC for all The Division 2 players.