The Surge 2: The New Gameplay Video Shows the First 10 Minutes of the Soulslike of deck13


Taking advantage of the media tour carried out by Deck13 Interactive to present the latest news of The Surge 2, Gamersyde’s colleagues have created a gameplay video that illustrates the activities to be carried out in the first 10 minutes of this ambitious souls-like action full of role-playing elements.

The demonstration movie allows us to become familiar with the hero customization system to draw on thanks to a complex editor that will allow users to modify the appearance, initial statistics, favorite fighting styles and character traits of our alter- ego.

Also within this gameplay trailer, we find the necessary tutorial phase that will be used by old and new fans of the series to get familiar with the renewed combat system based on dismemberments, an approach that promises to give uniqueness to each battle and infuse originality to the entire progression of skills and equipment elements. All this, thanks also to a freely explorable game world, full of mysteries to be solved and enemies to be killed to evolve your arsenal in view of the final battle with the forces that dominate the futuristic microcosm of Jericho City.

For further information, we recommend that you read the latest special on The Surge 2 packaged by Gabriele Laurino after attending the Paris test of the Focus Home Interactive title that will land on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 24th.