Valve Changed to Half-Life After Playing Rare’s Goldeneye 007

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From time to time it is nice to stop for a moment, to divert attention from the games that have just come out and those that are coming, and look back. The videogame world is full of interesting stories and background stories, such as those related to two of the biggest FPS ever, Goldeneye 007 and Half-Life, re-emerged on the net in recent days.

GoldenEye 007 came to light in 1997 on the Nintendo 64, going to set up soon as one of the killer apps of the Kyoto console. The title developed by Rare showed that first-person shooters could work perfectly even on consoles, putting on the plate an exciting single-player campaign, stealth phases and a truly innovative multiplayer for four players for the time. To make even greater GoldenEye 007 the thoughtful implementation of the Artificial Intelligence of the enemies, with complex behavioral routines despite the obvious limitations of the hardware.

A recent video of the YouTube channel AI and Games has deepened the topic, explaining that Rare decided to build the entire game around Artificial Intelligence, and not vice versa. The producer and director of the game, Martin Hollis, in 2004 declared: “The important thing is to show the players the AI. It would make no sense to have a sophisticated AI that the players are not able to notice”. All levels and gameplay mechanics were built around these concepts, accompanying players along with levels from one enemy to another and making sure that every single behavior was perfectly visible.

GoldenEye 007 surprised players, critics, and even the experts. Apparently, even the guys from Valve, who at the time were working on Half-Life, another milestone of the genre, were fascinated, to the point that they decided to change a lot of things during development. This was stated by another GoldenEye 007 developer in 2004, David Doak, who was able to talk to Valve employees after the launch of Half-Life. The developer did not explain in detail what was changed, but almost certainly referred to Artificial Intelligence.