A Way of Sekiro Allows to Lower the Difficulty on PC


On Nexus Mods a new mod by Sekiro Shadows Die Twice for PC has recently appeared, which allows to drastically lower the difficulty of the last game of the authors of Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

The Easy Mode of Sekiro increases the number of objects spread on the ground, the effectiveness of the attacks, improves the defense and cancels the data from falling, in addition to providing infinite Spirit Emblems. A series of “little helpers ” which are not insignificant, which considerably lower the general difficulty level of Shadows Die Twice, obviously set upwards according to the tradition of FromSoftware. Also noteworthy is a recent mod that modifies the combat system making it similar to that of Bloodborne .

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is one of the most popular games of the year, with sales exceeding those of the publisher Activision. To date, however, there is no mention of DLC and sequel, with FromSoftware working on other projects such as The Elden Ring, developed in collaboration with George RR Martin.