Apex Legends: Weapons and Objects From the Titanfall Series Coming?

Apex Legends Will Arrive on Mobile and Other Platforms

As reported by DeXerto, thanks to the work of the dataminer, new Apex Legends weapons have been discovered that are probably coming with the next updates. Many of the new content seems to come from Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

Among the objects and weapons mentioned are the extended magazines, experimental weapons, signals for the Leviathans, rocket launchers, new sights, stealth fire terminals, EPG, charge rifle, Softball, CAR SMG and Cold War.

New Apex Legends Weapons

  • Extended charger
  • Experimental weapons
  • cartridge
  • Signals for Leviathans
  • Softball
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Portable Respawn lighthouse
  • New sights
  • Stealth fire terminals
  • EPG
  • Shotgun
  • Cold War
  • New sounds for the Leviathans
  • Interception signals
  • Traps
  • Volt

At the moment nothing of what was reported has been confirmed and therefore we invite you to take the news with the necessary precautions awaiting official news from Respawn. The Season 2 of Apex Legends does not seem to be able to bring attention to the Battle Royale of Electronic Arts, the company’s shares were down just after the launch of Season 2, although the numbers of Twitch are not impressed, unable to overcome altitude 50,000 views in the early days.